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September 05, 2005


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Mike Weston

Stupid criterion: Our spice jars are on a wide shelf, and we're too lazy to alphabetize (well, I might be inclined, but Connie uses them more than I do). So spice jars labeled on the lid are worth more to us.

Reading these words, the answer is clear: Get a labeler.

But out of curiosity, does Spice House and/or Penzey's label the lids?

Moe Rubenzahl

Penzey's doesn't. I don't know about Spice House.

For what it's worth, mine are not alphabetized. I store them on a double-decker lazy susan and spin until I find what I need.

Moe Rubenzahl

I wanted to add another excellent blend that Penzey's added since I wrote the original article: their Mural of Flavor. It's a salt-free blend of green herbs. Very nice.

Moe Rubenzahl

Yet another addition to this is their Sunny Paris blend. My current favorite, it's light and fragrant with a base of shallots and chives.


Another great place to buy spices is


I buy a lot from them and one of my favorites to buy is Worcestershire powder. I use it when I am smoking ribs, on burgers, in my BBQ sauce. People always comment about it.

Moe Rubenzahl

Worcestershire powder! Interesting -- will have to try that.


I have bought from a lot of spice companies from around the country..Atlantic spice company is a good one.


But most of the time I buy from Pendry's. It has been around for a very long time and they are one of the few that make Worcestershire Powder. It is sooo good on steaks. They also have some of the best Chili powders that have won the Terlingua Chili contest..

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