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April 20, 2009


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Carolyn Jung

I'm pretty adventurous, too. But you're right, there are quite a few things on that list I'd rather not have to experience if I can help it. Hah!

keith carlsen

For some reason I'm reminded of what Judd Nelson said to Molly Ringwald as she was preparing to eat sushi.

Of course the best line in the movie is also by Nelson: "Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?"

Moe Rubenzahl

Oh, yeah. Eggplant. That's the fourth item that I won't eat (but I really will). And don't tell me your grandma makes this eggplant-whatever that you can't even tell it was eggplant. Why would anyone use a vergetable that you hafta make it taste like there's none in there?

keith carlsen

Finally looked at the list. I knew haggis would be on there. I won't think I'd lived a deprived life if I die without trying any of the 10 "delicacies". The puffer fish poison reminded me of a Columbo (the 70's era run) episode, yes the murderer was a chef, he used the puffer fish poison by injecting it into a wine bottle with a CO2 gas bottle decorker. Here's something else I will never eat. Not even if food gal cooked it herself. :)

Moe Rubenzahl

Sea cucumber. I have eaten it. I remember where -- Chef Chu's in Mountain View.

Yeah, that's one on my list. I remember it as being slimy, tough, and tasteless. I don't need to try that again.

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