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April 12, 2010


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Glenn Fuller

They would be interesting for grilling when you really have the flames jumping.

In NC I think they would be useful for pig roasts. Where you have to turn the pig between two large grates.


I love it, too! My wife makes fun of me. :)

My best use - pulling hot ears of corn off the grill and shucking them. Works great for that, since it's really freaking hot, but also you need the dexterity to pull off the husk.

Moe Rubenzahl

Glenn -- probably yes but you do have to be careful because they're cloth, and hot juices would soak through.

John -- Yes, definitely! I have used mine for exactly that and you're right, works great.

Also right on the wife thing. I like to think she's laughing with me, not at me. Or at least, at the glove and not at me. ;)

keith carlsen

Ove'Glove is great for taking from the oven that hot pan of baked Alaskan salmon you caught with your Propeil Pocket Fisherman.


And who needs $100 cutlery when you have a Chop-o-Matic in your kitchen!!! Still need a good whisk, though, since I see they no longer make that electric gadget that scrambles eggs right in the shell.

Carolyn Jung

I like how that fits your hand and fingers so well. So many gloves are so bulky that you can barely feel what you're touching. I'm definitely going to look for one of these.

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