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May 19, 2010


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keith carlsen

When I worked for AT&T back in the late 80's, there were about 10 different tracking systems I had to access. Most all of them used "group" logins and passwords so the accounts were used by multiple users. Of course every account had a different login and password. Back then it was just terminals on peoples desks so I'd have to log off of one system before I could access the next and my job required me to jump on and off systems all day. I could never remember that many logins and passwords (and to exacerbate the problem some of the passwords were occasionally changed for security reasons). I knew my boss would have a fit if he saw the information displayed on my desk somewhere, so I kept all the login info on a piece of paper taped to the back of my keyboard, when I needed to log into a different system I'd just flip over the keyboard to get the login info.

Jan Hertsens

- Maybe its time to give in an use a password manager. Imagine being able to login to any website securely, in a single click.
- What do you propose? That everybody gets to pick their own username, regardless of whether it is in use?

Nathan Heaps

Don't use a password manager, if someone gets a hold of your computer then they immediately have access to up to date information such as bank accounts and bills.

You'd be better off getting a fingerprint reader with password management features if its that much of a hassle. At least then they need to spoof a fingerprint.

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