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  • Moe Rubenzahl
    Website Director by profession, with a passion to create. I am located in Silicon Valley.


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Web Marketing Executive by profession, with a passion to create. I am located in Silicon Valley.


Born in the Catskill region of New York state, I received a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and began as an integrated circuit design engineer for Hewlett-Packard. Over the next few years, I learned to write and migrated my career to technical marketing, eventually joining a startup in consumer electronics.

In 1995, Mark, an engineer friend, showed me this free software called a "browser." I already knew online communities, having been a pretty heavy user of CompuServe and sysop on some of their forums since the mid 80s. But when I saw the web, a light came on. Mark and I built the company a website (pretty much on the sly, since the boss told us to quit wasting our time).

We beat all our competitors to the web -- including Sony, Panasonic, and Canon -- and developed a sizeable body of highly informative material on video editing and videography. It worked. Attracted to the information, search engines and customers began to find us. Then we were chosen Cool Site of the Day -- which, in 1995, was a huge deal. After a day of struggling to keep the server alive, traffic settled down to a mere 5 times what it had been, and grew from there.

The company is gone but the lessons aren't. I had a passion for the Internet and in particular, how it is uniquely suited to sell product in business to business or business to consumer settings. I learned how to work the web to maximize the effectiveness of the web to drive business.

And that's what I do, professionally. I am lucky enough to have found a company that "gets" it and sees the strategic value of the web.


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